Big Things Coming Soon

Bursting the Bubble, an ambitious project with years in the making, is dedicated to all-encompassing social change through both individual action and collective effort.

Our non-profit organisation includes multiple projects, andaims to provide valuable information on central topics and offer clear-cut solutions to complicated problems in technology, society and more.

Our projects

Great deeds are made up of small acts.
And every fruitful action begins with
a change in the human mindset.
A project devoted to personal growth,
I Grow Younger is where we begin.

Not all complex problems require complex solutions. The fight for human attention online can be won with small investments in digital advertising from world governments. No Cheap Traffic shows us how.

Our upcoming projects tackle even bigger social topics with innovative thinking and empowering calls to action.

About us

Kalin Karakehayov is a tech entrepreneur who started out as a professional chess player. In various ventures, he encountered the same truth - there are more worthwhile opportunities than we think, and most of them are hiding in plain sight.
15 years into his career, he created Bursting the Bubble - a non-profit organisation, dedicated to revealing these unturned stones in society, business, technology, and more.