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True stories

Stories from Famous People who Grew Up with Abuse

Many well-known actors, singers, musicians, entertainers and sportspeople have spoken out about their own experiences of abuse or family violence. They have often used these difficult experiences to inspire them.

Some of the people who have spoken publicly include:

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Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes is an Australian singer and was in the pop band Savage Garden.

His song 'Two Beds and A Coffee Machine' is about domestic violence.

In an article from Daily Telegraph, August 26th 2004, titled ‘Hayes Savaging Demons’, he spoke about his childhood and how it influenced him. He says his experiences were one of the driving forces behind why he became a performer. The start of the article reads:

DARREN Hayes has revealed that the dark side of his new album, The Tension and the Spark, is the result of finally dealing with a troubled childhood affected by alcoholism and domestic violence...

Read more from this article published on this site:

For more about Darren Hayes see his official website. The site has song lyrics, including the song ‘Unlovable’ and ‘Two beds and a Coffee Machine’

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott is an American hip-hop artist.

From the Biography section of Missy Elliott’s website, it reads:

What makes her accomplishments truly amazing is that Missy Elliott the superstar is, at the heart of it all, still just the shy little girl from Portsmouth, VA - a survivor of a childhood of domestic violence. Particularly, her father was abusive towards her mother. Missy has not shied away from talking about those painful memories. In fact, she was named spokesperson for Break The Cycle in 2003, an organization dedicated to helping young people break the chain of domestic abuse.
For Missy, music was the escape hatch, her path to achieving the kind of dreams not even she imagined
. …read more here

Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney is an Australian actress.

She spoke to Andrew Denton on the ABC-TV show ‘Enough Rope’ (12 May 2003) about her childhood. She said that her father was violent towards her mother, and was also an alcoholic. She also described how she, her mother, and her family coped with this when she was growing up. She also spoke about how her relationship with her father changed.
Read the transcript ofwhat she said on the show:

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a pop singer from the USA who has spoken about abuse during her childhood.

In this article published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled ‘Aguilera’s Visit, Story Lift Spirits at Women’s Shelter’ (Monday, December 22, 2003, written by Mackenzie Carpenter), it describes how Christina Aguilera and her mother visited a domestic violence centre. In the article she says she and her mother experienced abuse from her father, and that the song 'I'm Okay' on her album 'Stripped' is about her experience of domestic violence. She also said that she and her mother stayed in domestic violence shelters when she was growing up.

Read the article
Read more about Christina Aguilera on her official website

Songs About Surviving Abuse

For more songs about abuse, see this website ‘Songs Related to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault...and Survival’
The site lists songs about abuse or domestic violence by a range of musicians and singers, including Pink, Faith Hill, Ani Difranco, Sarah McLachlan, Suzanne Vega, Stevie Wonder, Eminem, Aaliya, Madonna, Creed, and more. The website was created by Gerri Gribi.

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