In your family
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 'I used to think every-one else at school had families that probably looked like this...'  

The Brady Bunch

Is your family like this?  SOS Quiz

 Not everyone's family looks or acts like the Brady Bunch, or like the nice families on Neighbours. In fact, most families have stresses and arguments.

But even though things in families can get stressful at times, there are some things that should never change.

  What families should be like - always

Your parents and other family members should

  • care about you
  • look after you
  • try to help you with any problems
  • listen to you
  • never hurt you
  • never hurt each other.
Parents and family members should treat each other with respect.


This quiz asks about how you feel around your family. It helps you to work out if there are any warning signs that you are not feeling ok at home.

Statement Always Some-
I feel relaxed when I am around my family.
My parents look after me.
I worry about how one member of my family treats another.
My parents care about me.
I feel nervous or scared around certain members of my family.
I trust people in my family not to hurt me.
Everyone in my family is treated like they are important.
I worry that one member of my family might hurt another.
My parents treat each other with respect.

If any of the ! images popped up on this quiz, it sounds like you don't always feel ok around your family. While things might be happy sometimes, maybe at other times people don't treat you or other family members as they should. This website can help you to work out what is going on, and what you can do about it!
You can fill in the checklists to find out if there is abuse or domestic violence or sexual abuse in your family.

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