In your family
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Family communication and conflict:

If you argue a lot with your parents, or have trouble relating to them, these websites can help:

Living with parents: information about living with and communicating with parents
by Family & Children's Services, Western Australia.

Relationships With Parents topic - Teen Health website, developed by Children, Youth and Women's Health Service , South Australia

Headroom: The Ups and Downs of Family - see Food for Thought section, drop down topic - The ups and downs of family

Family breakdown, separation and divorce:

If your parents are splitting up, this website can help

Teen Health website - Family Breakdown topic: developed by Children, Youth & Women's Health Service, South Australia

Dealing with anger:

If you have experienced abuse, it can make you feel very angry at the person who abused you, or at everyone. To get ideas on how to deal with these feelings, see Feelings. But if it feels like anger is taking over your life, or if you have problems dealing with anger, see

Teen Health website - Relationships section which has topics like: Keeping Anger out of Your Life; What is assertiveness? and Conflict and Negotiation - developed by Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, South Australia

Reachout website- topic on Anger

If you have been violent towards someone else:

Being violent can make other people lose their trust in you, and lose respect for you. Many people make excuses for their violence, but it takes guts to admit that you have done the wrong thing and to do something about it. Here's some information on what you can do.

Young Adult Health website - Violence topic , developed by Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, South Australia

Reachout website topic on 'Being Violent'

Love, relationships, sex and abuse

When love hurts: a guide for teenagers on love, respect and abuse developed by DVIRC, Victoria, Australia.

South East Centre Against Sexual Assault: Information for teenagers

Websites on general helpful stuff

These sites can help you deal with depression, anxiety, drug issues, hurting yourself (self-harm), relationships and lots of other issues:

Teen Health: developed by Children, Youth and Women's Health Service, South Australia

Reachout: an Australian website for young people on lots of issues

Kids Help Line - a national service that provides counselling online, by phone or email

Somazone - answers questions, provides info and stories by young people, developed by the Australian Drug Foundation.

Headroom - An Australian website about mental health issues for young people.

Gambler's help - if someone in your famiy has a problem with gambling.

Mood GYM helps with anxiety, depression and low confidence - interactive website developed by the Australian National University

See also services for a list of helpful services to contact.

For Parents to Help Kids:

Information for mothers and other people concerned about children who witness family violence. A pamphlet from the Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre.

Choosing Positive Paths Parents Kit
A resource kit for parents concerned about their children who have experienced family or domestic violence. Developed by Women's Health West and Berry Street Victoria.

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