In your family
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How is this affecting me?

You've been dealing with a tough situation, and it's ok if it gets you down.

Here's what other people said about how abuse affected them.
  • 'I'm nervous all the time.'
  • 'I feel like it's my fault.'
  • 'I get angry at everyone'
  • 'I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone'
  • 'I get depressed like I can't be bothered with anything.'
  • 'I have nightmares and can't sleep.'
  • 'I feel like I'm not as good as other people.'
  • 'I don't know what to do, I feel helpless.'
  • 'Sometimes I feel like I want to hurt myself.'
  • 'I just want to tune out and forget it. Sometimes I get pissed or stoned, but that only blocks it out for a while.'
Maybe you have felt like this or maybe you have a different reaction. Remember - there's no right or wrong way to feel.

You have experienced abuse or domestic violence in your family, it can affect how you relate to your family and other people, like:
  • avoiding going home or being around your family
    'I hang out at the train station heaps. Sometimes it's better than being at home.'
  • not trusting family members, or other people
  • getting confused about how you feel about family members
    'I don't know what to think about her. I get so frustrated that I cry. I love her but I just want her to stop hurting me!'
  • trying to be quiet and keep the peace so you don't upset anyone
  • feeling responsible for looking after members of your family, or trying to protect them from abuse
    'I get between them and try to stop mum getting hurt.'

    Read True Stories to read more about how abuse affected young people, adults and famous people.

The things you learn

Sometimes you can feel like everything is hopeless, or that you're not a good person. But this isn't true.

You've probably done a lot to try to deal with the situation already. And you've probably learned a few things already that can make you a stronger person.

Things you might learn (or might have already learned) could be:
  • ways of dealing with problems
  • courage in facing tough situations
  • a strong sense of justice - what's fair and what's not
  • an understanding of the problems that people who are abused face

Can you relate to any of this? How is it affecting you? Fill in your answers on the TIP of the Iceberg form.

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