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About this site

The original content for the Bursting the Bubble website was written by Jessamy Babbel and Mandy McKenzie from DVIRC Victoria, Australia, 2003; and updated by Mandy McKenzie and Renee Imbesi from DVIRC in 2007. (c) DVIRC 2003-2007.

DVIRC is a service in Victoria, Australia that works to prevent violence in relationships and families. It is receives funding from the Victorian government. DVIRC has been providing training, community education, resources and information for over 20 years. Read more about DVIRC.

The Bursting the Bubble website was originally developed by DVIRC with funding from the Victorian Government's Community Support Fund. The site was evaluated in 2004 by the Centre for Program Evaluation, University of Melbourne. Young people gave their feedback about the about the evaluation results here.

This site won an Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award 2005.

The site was updated in 2007 based on the findings of the evaluation, and to improve the website's accessibility. Version Two of the website was funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services Office of Housing.

Cartoon images (boy1, boy2, girl1, girl2) & icons (BurstingTheBubble, FamilyWarningSigns, HowCanIHelp, TipOfTheIceberg, DealingWithIt) developed by Hunmi Yi from Avant Card.

Images depicting forms of abuse (childabuse.gif child-abuse2.gif, emotional-abuse.gif; pic_sexualabuse.gif, moneyearner.gif), were developed by Twenty4.

Website originally developed by Ocean, and redeveloped in 2007 by Twenty4.

DVIRC is grateful to the following young people, individuals and organisations for providing feedback and ideas for the website:

  • Kids Help Line
  • Australians Against Child Abuse
  • Students from Catholic Secondary College and other Victorian secondary schools
  • Young people from a Victorian youth refuge
  • Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • Krystal & Lauren (quotes)
  • Orygen Youth Health
  • Gay & Lesbian Project, Knox Youth Services
  • Department of Human Services - Child Protection / Adolescent Services
  • Youth Law
  • Bernadette Glass & Associates
  • National Children's and Youth Law Centre
  • Fitzroy Legal Service

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